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  • Mission Tip: Know Yourself!

    [youtube][/youtube] Mission Tip: Know Yourself! This Mission Tip, “Know Yourself!” is critical to being a person who want to own your mission! Watch this short video of me expressing how you must know yourself on a deep level, really know your gifts and talents in order to express and share them fully as your life purpose, […]

  • Mission Adds Years To Your Life!

    Mission Adds Years To Your Life! There are many factors involved in longevity and quality of life and we all have our own intuition about what combination of genetics, environment and perhaps even good luck is involved. Being trained as an engineer as well as a  psychologist, I wanted to take a look at the […]

  • Mission Tip: Get Out Into Nature!

    [youtube][/youtube] Mission Tip: Get Out Into Nature! This is a followup to my earlier Mission Tip, “Get out of the house!” which will be published AFTER this one, so enjoy the nonlinear nature of mission! Watch the short video of me passionately expressing this tip on Venice Beach in California, in the middle of our […]

  • My Personal Journey To Mission

    My Personal Journey To Mission It took me over fifty years to really get the concept of mission. Not the mission or my mission or a mission, but simply mission. In my dictionary, “mission” is a verb. It has power and strength. It is self-contained with subject, object and action verb. It doesn’t need an article or pronoun to precede it. […]