If You Aren’t Living Your Mission, Are You Truly Living? 

  • Do you lack focus and direction on your life path?

  • Are you missing passion, energy and excitement?

  • Are you just existing, simply marking time?

  • Do you know your mission, yet feel blocked from fully expressing and living it?


When You Know, Live & OWN Your Mission:

  • You wake up each day filled with purpose and meaning!

  • You have a focus to guide your day and your life!

  • You are passionate, energized and have fun each day!

  • You face life’s challenges head on, knowing that you OWN your mission!


What IS Mission?

  • Mission is about connecting to your raison d’être, your reason for being on this planet. It is about your life purpose. It is about what gives your life meaning.

  • It is about the existential question, “what is the meaning of life?” It is about YOUR answer to that question, an answer that you co-create with the Universe and that we call your Life.


I’m Dr. Adam Sheck & I Can Help!


As A Clinical Psychologist & Mission Specialist For Over Twenty Years, I Have:

  • Developed strategies to help my clients identify and connect to mission.

  • Created tools to systematically remove the blocks to living mission.

  • Supported clients to build the skill sets to fully implement and own their mission.

  • Modeled that this process can actually be FUN! 


MY Mission Is To Use My Gifts & Talents To

Mentor YOU To Own YOUR Mission!


I can’t guarantee that you’ll become rich and famous, but I CAN guarantee that if you don’t know your mission, live it and own it, you won’t be truly living and you won’t feel fulfilled.


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